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In a series:

100 rare

Each NFT is a 1 of 1 custom digital hand-drawn art piece, giving each Rabbit its own set of unique characteristics as opposed to computer generated NFTS. Both Rare and Legendary Rabbits come with a link to unlockable content such as the original hand-drawn sketch.

11 legendary

Just like the Rare Rad Rabbits, all Legendary Rad Rabbits are custom 1 of 1 hand drawings. In addition, Legends are created with extra magic and possess unique backgrounds. They are more limited per series and come with a special holographic effect that adds shiny and glittery radity to the NFT.

hOw the idea was created

"It was started with a desire to create something innovative, artistic and uniquely radical. Led by design experts Rad B and Maestro, each Rad Rabbit is meticulously hand-drawn and crafted with love - as well as a sincere desire to spread smiles and joy through one-of-a-kind artwork.


Rad B



Graphics & Art


Operations & Development


Frequently Asked Questions

Rad Rabbits are 1,111 hand-drawn collectibles stored forever on the Ethereum Blockchain spreading creativity and joy.
You'll need Ethereum (ETH) to mint a Rad Rabbit. ETH can be purchased on any crypto exchange. Once you own ETH, download the Metamask wallet chrome extension, transfer your ETH to the metamask wallet, and you'll be ready to mint on opensea.
Each Rad Rabbit is drawn and designed by hand. All 1,111 Rabbits are special and unique, each having different traits and personalities. Since there is no computer generating that goes into the creation of our Rabbits, each RARE and LEGENDARY Rabbit is truly ONE OF A KIND. There is no other Rabbit like yours!
Owning a Rad Rabbit will give you access to future events and parties, access to exclusive giveaways and access to the Warren in the metaverse (our future project). Each NFT comes with a link to unlockable content such as the original hand drawn sketch. Every Series comes with its own unique digital art and it will be airdropped to all holders once 100% of the Series sells out.
Each RARE Rad Rabbit floor cost will start at 0.05 Eth + Gas
Each LEGENDARY Rad Rabbit floor cost will start at 0.12
Each Rad Rabbit Series is a collection of 111 randomly selected hand-drawn Rabbits. In every Series there are 100 Rare Rabbits and 11 Legendary Rabbits. A new series will mint once every month. There are a total of 10 series.
Like the Rare Rabbits, the Legendary Rabbits are designed by hand, however, the Legendary are even more rare with less created per series. They are created with extra magic and possess unique backgrounds. Some Legends are holographic, some are sparkly, and they all are shiney.
The Rad Rabbits Warren is a future roadmap development that involves the Metaverse and will be home for all virtual Rad Rabbits.

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